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All models presented in our portfolio are created by Gamla Model Makers and our associates. We use this opportunity to thank Gad Mathov, the most special friend and associate.


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clear protective covers (display cases)

Clear protective covers (display cases) are usually made of clear acrylic or Plexiglas and serve to protect the model from the dust and unwanted touching. There is no need for the photo samples - all protective covers are practically the same - five sides clear box with slightly rounded and polished edges, open at the bottom and tailored to be mounted on the model's base.



All our architectural models are built on reinforced wooden bases finished with a stained rare wood or designers paint - per customer's choice. Model's base usually has a step for a clear protective cover. In addition to that we can fabricate a custom pedestal or "legs" of certain design and with a finish to match the base. Such pedestal or "legs" makes model an independent free standing unit, which does not require a table, shelf or horse legs to be displayed.

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transit cases

Is an architectural model is made for trade shows, traveling exhibits or for any other reasons is facing frequent traveling, we will provide a transit case that will be tailored to accommodate that particular model for which it is made and to protect the model in travel and storage. We offer a wide variety of transit and carrying cases' types: heavy duty ATA cases, lightweight poly cases, Pelican cases and other. Inside of every case is a custom foam lining providing a soft customized bed for a model and secure nests for separate components and accessories if applicable.

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Architectural Models by Gamla Model Makers, Philadelphia

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