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This website is solely dedicated to Architectural Model Making and related Visualization Services offered by Gamla Model Makers.

With over 20 years professional experience and  special expertise in building Architectural and Urban Scale Models we provide precisely accurate, highly detailed scale models for Architects, Construction Companies, Real Estates Firms and Property Developers.


Architectural Model is the most spectacular and self-explanatory tool for presentation, sales, fundraising, study or display. Only physical architectural model can show how the project will REALLY look, outside or within the context. It will wake a child in your most skeptical opponent and turn him or her into excited follower.


In many cases model is the ONLY WAY to present your design - there are many people (including clients, investors and government officials) that are not able to understand two-dimensional drawings and even renderings.


Building scale model is a time and work consuming process which requires special training, experience and knowledge of materials and technology. Therefore scale models are not cheap. However, not only investment in model is justified by spectacular effect and success in your project's marketing, also the very fact that you are investing in scale model will prove to your opponents that your truly believe in your idea and it's success.


As of technology, it would be wrong for a modern model maker to be relying on manual work and machinery only. Today our company is 3D and rapid prototyping empowered. Every model, including architectural models is being 3D modeled first, so the customer is able to review the future model and make comments and corrections before the production even starts. To learn more about digital processing and modern technologies that we utilize visit Gamla Digital Portal.

In addition to the latest rapid prototyping technologies, such as SLA, SLS, FDM and such, we have in our disposal other methods, such as CNC carving, allowing us to produce up to 12' x 6' highly accurate topography models from your CAD files.


We massively use traditional small production methods, such as vacuum forming, photo etching, resin and pewter casting, which are irreplaceable when there is a need to replicate identical elements.


Our signature includes providing European quality scenery elements for architectural models: people figurines, vehicles, vegetation, street lights and many other miscellaneous.


We provide you a one-stop shopping for optional yet important features to accompany architectural models, such as custom made clear plastic and glass protective covers (display cases), pedestals and transit cases.


Along with physical architectural and urban scale models we offer photo realistic 3D based Architectural Renderings, Presentation materials and Animation.


Our Services!

Architectural Models

- Exterior

- Interior

- Residential

- Commercial

- Public

- Hospitals

- Luxury & Entertainment

- Hotels, Resorts

- Industrial

- Military

- Historical/Museum

Urban Models

3D Topography Maps

- CNC carved

Interactive Models

- With built-in computerized presentation system, LED markers or screen projection

Architectural Renderings, Illustrations


- Digital photo realistic

Optional Features

- Clear protective covers

- Display - pedestals

- Transit cases


- Resin and pewter multiples to be used as corporate gifts, awards, or for fundraiser

Model Maintenance

- Maintenance, repairs, modifications and careful transportation of existing architectural and urban models

Graphic Design

- Graphic design of marketing and presentation materials for print and Web







Architectural Models by Gamla Model Makers, Philadelphia

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