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We are prod to be a progressive, modern model makers. As such, we happily employ the latest technology - 3D modeling and rapid prototyping. Today all our models are being developed digitally first, including Architectural Models.


Digital processing benefits clients and model makers alike.

Model maker has now the opportunity to work hassle free, communicate with the client more effectively and resolve complex issues through 3D digital sharing, before the actual fabrication begins. Rapid prototyped parts and components, even the most complex are precise, rich with details and being produced in a matter of days.

Clients are able to see, review and approve the future model before the actual fabrication, they feel informed, empowered and confident in the project's outcome.


3D model produces also valuable collateral products such as 3D based line drawings, floor plans and highly realistic color renderings. 3D model gives an option for simulation and can be used to produce commercial and introductive animation videos.


To learn more about 3D Modeling, Digital Development and Rapid Prototyping techniques, visit  GAMLA DIGITAL PORTAL which contains useful information, more detailed explanations of the benefits for the customers and various photos of samples.

Please, see below of a few samples of 3D SolidWorks based Architectural Models and Renderings.

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Architectural Models by Gamla Model Makers, Philadelphia

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